Effective Use Of Pressure Points in Self Defense ( Krav Maga)

Effective Use Of Pressure Points in Self Defense     (Krav Maga)

For the most part I have not been an advocate of using
pressure points in my self defense training or teachings.

While I admit I am no expert in pressure point fighting I
have been to seminars and have had guest instructors who
are expects and what we learned seemed a little impractical.

(Krav Maga) Most systems seem to require (or at least impress upon you)
to hit a specific point or series of points. This is not 
very easy to do in a real fight or self defense situation.

We also found that some students easily felt the effects
of the pressure point strike of manipulation and others
not so much, if any.
My thoughts on this were that if you cannot get a consistent
reaction then I didn't want to use it or teach it.

Self defense should be a high percentage game. In other
words, I believe you should learn, train and practice
techniques and methodologies that have a good chance
of working, most of the time.

(Krav Maga) This is the reason I like the striking arts as opposed to
the throwing or grappling arts. To make the point, if you
strike someone in the throat chances are it will have an
effect a high percentage of the time. On the other hand
if you try to throw someone or use a joint lock there are
many variables and unless you have a very high level of
training it may or may not work.




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