The 'Shocker SELF Defence Technique'

The 'Shocker Technique'

First let me explain exactly what the shocker technique

Let's suppose you are attacked from the front by either
a single of double collar grab, a front choke, a bear
hug with your arms free or something similar.

We teach our students to take on a submissive posture
with these type of attacks by bringing both hands up,
open and with the palms out. This submissive stance lets
your attacker think you are terrified (hey you might be)
and gives him an air of confidence, not thinking you will

In essence it disguises your technique by allowing you to
get your hands in position without alarming your attacker.

Now for the Shocker Technique.

While your hands are up you will quickly strike the area 
of the forehead and brow on both sides simultaneously 
with a strong double slap.

The direction of the attack should be in and down. This 
activates a very strong shock wave that rattles the brain
and causes your attacker to stop in his tracks. Sort of 
momentary knockout if you will. This gives you time to
follow up with elbows, head butts and knee attacks or
perhaps just to run to safety.

When we tried this at my school I had my students wear 
sparring head gear and we started off with very little 
power. As we increased the power with each 'shock attack'
we quickly came to a point where the students would feel
as they described it, "a painful weakness that rocked 
and stunned them". Mind you now, we were still hitting 
fairly softly (maybe 20-25% power) and they had 
head gear on!

They told me there was no question that even with the 
minimum power we were using, without headgear they
would have been either knocked unconscious or unable
to stand.

DISCLAIMER: Using this technique on someone could cause
serious injury, even in practice. We take no responsibility
should you decide to try this.



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